About BSMART Kidz Foundation

BSMART Kidz Foundation is a Canadian charity. A Foundation that embraces diversity, engages community spirit through fostering a culture of inclusion.

Our Foundation intends to relief poverty and provides advancing special education.
We intend to provide free programming and activities to all children & youth and their families starting in a safe and accepting environment. 

ParentS for Children in Special Education NETWORK

Parents for Children in Special Education Network – is a division under BSMART KIDZ Foundation to give resources, gain skills and make a meaningful contribution to communities across Canada.

We Celebrate the Imagination of One Girl, our founder Nyah Haughton who made us see her Language in an explosion of color.  Its Art we enjoy.
It comes full circle. Our children, Canada's future.  One Girl bringing about change in special education connecting our community to form BSMART KIDZ Foundation.   READ MORE

Strategic Need

BSMART KIDZ Foundation focus on improving life chances and equalizing educational opportunities beginning in early childhood through the universal provision of programs that integrate appropriate neurophysiological, cognitive, and social-emotional development, and education supports for children from infant to youth. Doing so effectively will reduce inequality, increase well-being, and provide a capable and productive workforce that can compete successfully in the global economy.

The evidence is quite clear that inequality in the development of human capabilities produces negative social and economic outcomes that can and should be prevented with investments in early childhood education, particularly targeted toward children with learning differences and their families. Adverse impacts of genetic, parental, and environmental resources can be overturned through investments in quality early childhood educational and development programming that provide children and their parents the resources they need to develop the cognitive, personality, and life skills that create productivity.

Application of brain research to the classroom and learning is rather recent and has been helped along by advances that allow researchers to see the brain and better understand how it works and responds to stimulation. Typical curriculum today assumes children are ready to learn at the time they arrive at school and until brain science as a part of that readiness is applied, many children will be left behind. If children are behind due to special learning needs, we have to work harder, longer, and smarter to make up this difference.

Early interventions promote:

  • increased school readiness

  • increased self esteem and self confidence

  • reduction in crime

  • workforce productivity

  • economic efficiency

A person can be intelligent, but still have a general or isolated learning difference that has a major impact on their life if they are not provided the resources needed for them to excel.

Most educators and policy makers concentrate on how to do better what has always been done rather than rethinking basic educational ideas and doing it differently. Until we approach education in ways “outside of our box”, too many brilliant students will remain left behind. 


PURPOSE:  Facilitate access to books and educational materials for children, schools, childcare centres to increase literacy development.
APPROACH:  Create literacy pop up events and give new FREE books to participants to build home, literacy libraries. 
IMPACT: Engage and grow the number of families, teachers and child development centres with access to FREE books and materials.